Select the menu Edit > with BXE to start editing this page. Then press F7 to get a cursor. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nulla ac orci vitae mi lobortis faucibus. Nulla a felis luctus justo imperdiet feugiat. Suspendisse eget eros eget neque ultricies pellentesque.

Then you have the following possibilities:

  • Use "h1" (in the top-left drop-down) to create titles
  • Use "h4" (in the top-left drop-down) to create the first big letter
  • Use "p" (in the top-left drop-down) for paragraphs
  • Click on the menu buttons to make text bold , create a list or add images
  • Create a new line in lists
    by using "Shift-enter"

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