Welcome to the Cardiac Fitness Center of St. Francis Hospital, The Heart Center - the only hospital-based program of its kind on Long Island.

The center is located on the park-like grounds of The DeMatteis Center for Cardiac Research and Education in Greenvale.

Located just off Northern Boulevard, its serene setting offers plenty of convenient and accessible parking.

Our popular fitness center enjoys more than 60,000 visits a year and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Visitors are greeted by our friendly staff to make sure every exercise session feels like a welcome visit.

All of our cardiac fitness programs are medically supervised by a doctor, registered nurses and other healthcare professionals, who are always on site.

Our award-winning center is equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

The workout circuit includes bicycles, treadmills, weight lifting stations and an indoor walking track.

All patients are prescreened for an appropriate fitness plan to ensure all of their cardiac needs are met.

Everyone is continually monitored for their progress by our highly dedicated staff.

For more information on how you can step up to better health and how we can help, call (516) 629-2040.

Life Income Gifts

There are many ways to make a gift to St. Francis Hospital while first providing for yourself and your loved ones. Life income gifts are a popular choice because they can relieve you of the worries of an unpredictable economy and provide you with a guaranteed life income. If you’d like to support St. Francis Hospital and want the added security of providing additional income for yourself and your loved ones, then a life-income gift might be the perfect choice for you.

We look forward to hearing from you so that we can help you have a rewarding experience like Tom Huller did.

Patricia and Domenico Zuzzi

Patricia and Domenico Zuzzi’s Story

Earlier this year, Patricia and Domenico Zuzzi visited St. Francis Hospital. Happily, they did not have any urgent medical need, but they came to talk about how St. Francis could help them achieve their long-term financial goals. The Zuzzi’s relationship with St. Francis began 20 years ago when Dom had a heart attack that required triple-bypass surgery. Dom and Pat are eternally grateful to the doctors and staff who saved Dom’s life during that very frightening time.

Dom recalls that the challenging part about recovering from his open-heart Surgery was not just the physical pain, but also worrying that he wouldn’t be able to continue to enjoy the activities that used to be such a large part of his life. Luckily, the Brave Hearts – a volunteer support group for individuals who have undergone open-heart surgery at St. Francis –were there to reassure Dom. They shared their heart attack “war stories” with him, provided an outlet for Dom to express his concerns, and were a constant source of camaraderie. Thanks to that support and reassurance – as well as the world class medical care that he received at St. Francis –Dom and Pat still enjoy a busy life and are now active members of the Brave Hearts.

Given their trust of St. Francis, it came as no surprise that the Zuzzi’s would rely on the Hospital when it came time to supplement their retirement income. A simple flyer about the benefits of a charitable gift annuity sparked their interest and after exploring their options, Dom and Pat decided to set up a charitable gift annuity with St. Francis. This simple gift annuity is now providing Dom and Pat with a guaranteed fixed stream of income for the rest of their lives and they are enjoying the benefits of added financial security.

“We never would have known to even consider these kinds of gifts without the help of St. Francis Hospital,” Pat says. “The staff was easy to work with and helped us understand the process and benefits of a gift annuity. It is also very satisfying to know that we are helping to ensure that St. Francis can provide quality health care for generations to come.”

planned giving photo3

Thomas P. Huller’s Story

After a long and exciting career with the New York City Police Department (NYPD), it wasn’t police work that put Lieutenant Thomas P. Huller at risk — it was his own heart.

Tom was 64 years old and experiencing difficulty breathing – even while taking a casual walk through his neighborhood. So he wisely determined that a trip to his doctor was in order. His doctor sent him straight to the Emergency Department of St. Francis, one of the top hospitals for heart care in the country. Tom says: “The decision to go to St. Francis was a godsend.” To this day, Tom remembers that experience and credits the team of dedicated doctors at St. Francis Hospital with saving his life.

As his career choice suggests, Tom has always placed a great deal of value in giving back to his community. Tom’s giving, however, didn’t end when he retired from the NYPD. In fact, shortly after his cardiac surgery, Tom made his first donation to St. Francis Hospital, and over the years he has continued to give – even including St. Francis in his will. Recently, Tom learned that the Hospital offers charitable gift annuities. He read the material sent to him by the Planned Giving Department and then consulted with his financial advisors who agreed that the gift annuity was a sound idea. Tom called the gift planners at St. Francis, who helped him make the gift a reality.

Tom always thought it would be great to be in a financial position to support the causes that are closest to his heart. “I think there are many people who want to support the things they care about, but don’t know that they have the means to make it happen,” he says. “I’m glad I’ve found an easy way to make a meaningful gift that supports something as worthwhile as St. Francis Hospital.”

St. Francis Hospital
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Senior Director of Development
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