Welcome to the Cardiac Fitness Center of St. Francis Hospital, The Heart Center - the only hospital-based program of its kind on Long Island.

The center is located on the park-like grounds of The DeMatteis Center for Cardiac Research and Education in Greenvale.

Located just off Northern Boulevard, its serene setting offers plenty of convenient and accessible parking.

Our popular fitness center enjoys more than 60,000 visits a year and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Visitors are greeted by our friendly staff to make sure every exercise session feels like a welcome visit.

All of our cardiac fitness programs are medically supervised by a doctor, registered nurses and other healthcare professionals, who are always on site.

Our award-winning center is equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

The workout circuit includes bicycles, treadmills, weight lifting stations and an indoor walking track.

All patients are prescreened for an appropriate fitness plan to ensure all of their cardiac needs are met.

Everyone is continually monitored for their progress by our highly dedicated staff.

For more information on how you can step up to better health and how we can help, call (516) 629-2040.


Orientation and Career Development

Starting with new employee orientation, nurses working at St. Francis Hospital have many opportunities to learn and grow as professionals throughout their careers.

General Hospital Orientation

Within the first weeks of employment at St. Francis is nurses are required to attend a General Hospital Orientation with other new St. Francis employees. This orientation is designed to welcome new employees and present information about the hospital history, mission, benefits and patient-centered culture.

Nursing Orientation

At St. Francis, we provide a comprehensive and individualized nursing orientation for all of our nursing staff. Orientation begins in the classroom and is provided by expert Nurse Educators. All patient care units have qualified preceptors and our Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nurse Educators guide the clinical orientation process. Our preceptors are nurses who have demonstrated clinical expertise in their area of specialty and attended formal preceptor classes every two years to maintain that status.

St. Francis nurses have all the support and resources they need to acclimate to their important role in our organization. We provide many support services for our nursing staff, which include Assistant Nursing Care Coordinators who are not scheduled to take a patient assignment, Clinical Nurse Specialists, unit-based Pharmacists, Night Educators, and Care Managers. All of these disciplines assist our new staff in their orientation and throughout their professional careers.

Best Nurses

St. Francis Hospital has earned the coveted Magnet award for excellence in nursing

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St. Francis is the top ranked hospital on Long Island for heart care