Welcome to the Cardiac Fitness Center of St. Francis Hospital, The Heart Center - the only hospital-based program of its kind on Long Island.

The center is located on the park-like grounds of The DeMatteis Center for Cardiac Research and Education in Greenvale.

Located just off Northern Boulevard, its serene setting offers plenty of convenient and accessible parking.

Our popular fitness center enjoys more than 60,000 visits a year and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Visitors are greeted by our friendly staff to make sure every exercise session feels like a welcome visit.

All of our cardiac fitness programs are medically supervised by a doctor, registered nurses and other healthcare professionals, who are always on site.

Our award-winning center is equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

The workout circuit includes bicycles, treadmills, weight lifting stations and an indoor walking track.

All patients are prescreened for an appropriate fitness plan to ensure all of their cardiac needs are met.

Everyone is continually monitored for their progress by our highly dedicated staff.

For more information on how you can step up to better health and how we can help, call (516) 629-2040.

Bariatric Surgery

Welcome from the Chief
dagostino Welcome to the Bariatric Surgery Program at St. Francis Hospital. As some of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in the region, we know how crucial it is to select the right weight loss options for patients facing serious health challenges from a chronic condition known as morbid obesity.

- Shawn M. Garber, M.D., FACS, FASMBS, Director of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery – An Overview

Weight-loss surgery, known medically as bariatric surgery, is performed on patients who are approximately 100 pounds or more overweight and have been unsuccessful with diet, exercise, and weight-loss medications. Recent research reveals that conventional weight loss treatments generally fail to produce permanent weight loss. Several studies have shown that patients on diets, exercise programs, or medication are able to lose approximately 10% of their body weight but tend to regain two-thirds of it within one year, and almost all of it within five years. Another study found that less than 5% of patients in weight loss programs were able to maintain their reduced weight after five years.

The St. Francis Hospital Bariatric Surgery Program offers the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, the Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass (also referred to as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass), and Laparoscopic Banding (Adjustable Gastric Band). All procedures are performed using state-of-the-art, minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, with smaller incisions, less post-surgery pain, less time in the hospital, and a faster recovery. We also offer revisional surgeries. Patients who have had gastric bypass in the past and encounter stomach stretching or weight gain may now be in the market for revisional surgery such as Band-Over-Bypass.

Surgeons often are able to utilize a technique known as Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) that uses just one small opening in the abdomen, through the navel, rather than the five incisions required in traditional techniques.

Shawn Garber, M.D., Director of Bariatric Surgery, and his colleagues in the New York Bariatric Group, Spencer Holover, M.D., John Angstadt, M.D., Niklesh Sekhar, M.D., Wenting Chiao, M.D., and Eric Sommer, M.D. have performed more than 6,000 minimally invasive weight-loss procedures. St Francis has specially-trained bariatric surgery teams, as well as a dedicated bariatric unit with rooms and accommodations specially designed for post-surgery comfort and privacy. We also have specially trained plastic surgeons, such as Kevin Howard Small, M.D., who are experts in skin reduction.

Seminars offering education and information are conducted monthly at convenient locations for anyone who is contemplating bariatric surgery. See “Free Weight Loss Seminars” page for a schedule and directions.

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